Monday, February 27, 2006


Formed in 2005, autoceremony is a solo project-studio effort of mine as a creative musical outlet that spawned from my earlier experimental soundart group Dominguez-Shimata.Colony (est.1995) and The Children of Cathode Ray (est.1989).

The Children of Cathode Ray was a collaborative attempt of a group of six enterprising bohemians hanging-out at Red Rocks(later Club Dredd) in Timog Avenue. Bred from a variety of musical and artistic genre, they got together to create unstructured music out of found instruments, new media and various electronic sound sources, including (ambient) noise. It was a meaningful attempt to deconstruct musical theories and compositions that many of us are already familiar with.

Transforming and synthesizing audio into soundart was an imaginative endeavor that eventually found significant live presentations inside universities, underground rock clubs, and art houses, not to mention three performances at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

The same inspired thought of making sense - or nonsense - out of chaotic sound continues with my current project-studio conception. -Jing Garcia


diego said...

jing! sorry 'di ko alam ang mail mo, anyway reviewed the eheads anthology, here is the link:

diego mapa

mavic carrasco said...

ang tagal na nito jing! ilang taon pako nun! pero remember ko pa ang children of cathode ray