Saturday, January 12, 2008

The 2nd ElectroStatic Sound Conference

New Media Arts Manila (NMAM) presented its second offering on January 2, 2008 at Club Dredd in Eastwood another packed crowd of sound-art enthusiasts, who braved New Year hangovers and the ever present possibility of permanent hearing damage to watch another installment of the sound-art showcase called THE ELECTROSTATIC SOUND CONFERENCE. This time around, the show featured Filipino-Canadian guitarist Maggot Breeder (left); Lirio Salvador and Jonjie Ayson of Elemento playing Lirio’s chome-plated alienware; the Trojan Whores; and Ugong. In addition, The Children of Cathode Ray performed live soundtracks for the experimental films /mutation (pronounced “permutation”) by Tad Ermitano, and Ink and Lizard, two classic films by Roxlee, the godfather of Philippine Experimental Film. NMAM performances are supported by: Globe, Sony Ericsson, Intel, Microsoft, Asus, and Behringer. The next NMAM performance will be in April 2008.

Soundartist Ugong and his homebrew soundware.

Soundartists Lirio Salvador and Jonjie Ayson of Elemento

Trojan Whores' Pow Martinez tweaking a classic analog Yamaha synth.

Soundart group The Children of Cathode Ray with The Manila Times' tech editor Jing Garcia (left), experimental film and video director Tad Ermitano, and computer graphics expert Blums Borres.

Photos by Peter Marquez

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