Tuesday, September 16, 2008


September 24 (Weds) 9 p.m.
Club Dredd (2nd Flr Gweilos)
Eastwood Cyberpark, Libis, Quezon City

New Media Arts Manila presents ELECTROSTATIC SOUND CONFERENCE III. The blackwinged furies of Sonic Art take to the air once again as Manila's sonic hatcheries crack out the incubators at Club Dredd on September 24. Australian Darren Moore of Iron Egg joins the flock with Edsel Abesamis, autoceremony, Teresa Barrozo, Blums Borres, Tad Ermitano, Inconnu Ictu, Mark Laccay and Manet Villariba for a night of anti hymns in praise of Hundun, the egg god of chaos.

Video art by Edsel Abesamis, Blums Borres, Tad Ermitano, and Manet Villariba.

In addition, Tad Ermitano will give a short presentation on Quartet, the robotic gamelan installation he created in August for the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA). Mark Laccay will also talk about the Jose Maceda Collection Digitization Project and his experience in Austrian Academy of Sciences where he acquired a certificate in Audio Tape Restoration and Digital Audio Archiving.

Proceeds from this event will be donated to the fundraising effort for Tara Bosch-Santelices.

This event is sponsored by Intel, Sony Ericsson, and Globe Telecom

Darren Moore is an Australian musician based in Singapore. He is involved in various projects as a drummer and as an experimental laptop artist. He has performed and collaborated with musicians such as Jon Rose, Chris Abrahams, Johannes Bauer, Jeff Henderson, Scott Tinkler, Eugene Pao, Will Guthrie, Eric Boeren, Wilbert de Joode, Micheal Vatcher to name a few. Currently, He leads a jazz quintet and is a member of Iron Egg - an electro-acoustic visual experimental trio with Tim O'Dwyer and Brian O'Rielly.

Edsel Abesames is a Video editor / motion graphics person / director / racketeer / guitarist / poser / anime fan /overweight 32 year old / discontent drunkard. That about sums it up.

autoceremony a.k.a. Jing Garcia sound artist and award winning music producer. He established the Children of Cathode Ray backed in 1989, one of the early experimental and sound art groups in the country. Produced several music albums for different alternative music artists in the 90s. He is currently the tech editor for The Manila Times and Speed Magazine. He also hosts a tech segment on the late evening news on TV5

Teresa Barrozo is one of the emerging women composers of the country. She started her career as a student of the UP College of Music. Her compositions range from solo, chamber ensemble, orchestral, vocal & electroacoustic. Her works have been performed in the Philippines and in various Asian music festivals (Japan, Thailand). In 2007, she was one of the featured Filipino composers in the Asia-Pacific Weeks 2007 in Berlin, Germany. Teresa also works as a composer for theater & film; and as an arranger for various choirs and orchestras.

Blums Borres guitarist and media artist who experiments with sound, video, and animation. Formerly a technical director at Toei Animation Philippines, he has a BA in Multimedia Design from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. His work has been featured at the Australian Center Moving Images (ACMI), and in cinemas and television in Japan. His career in post production spans over 14 years and has involved himself in both professional productions and education. He teaches 3d animation at DLSU-CSB.

Tad Ermitano. The artist was forced into the hell of art making as consequence of his enemies' envy of his enormous pencil and mastery of the black arts of nuclear canelloni. In revenge, he conquered the three continents of Fairyland by masquerading as five of their seven dead kings and obtained the Dread Dagger of Demosthenes by which he obtained dominion over the twin race of Electrons and Positrons that mortal scientists have confused with inanimate matter and probability waves. In his next work, the artist plans to have the two races meet in battle, guaranteeing an antimatter conflagration that should end the known Universe. Autographs given to women of adequate pulchritude.

Inconnu Ictu a.k.a Roger Llagas Lopez a post-musician,experimental composer,improviser,multi-instrumentalist,visual art enthusiast who reside in the shoe capital of the Philippines. Inconnu Ictu(s) means an unknown mans blow or a stroke,as a sound constructor he explore his interest by using an obsolete electronic gadget,cheap equipment set-up,pedal efx box,deffective rhytm console,found object,d.i.y mic and a circuit bend materials. Inconnu Ictu was participated and affiliated with S.A.B.A.W and EX.I.S.T(experimentation in sound art tradition) a sound art collective,multi-media and explorative art enthusiast.

Mark Laccay is an award winning Audio Engineer who is the CEO of Sonic Logo Multimedia Inc. and a managing partner of Sweetspot Studios. He has worked as a Sound Designer for various films and is the main audio consultant for the "Dr. Jose Maceda Collection Digitization" Project. As an educator he taught audio classes at DLSU-CSB. He has recently returned from Vienna where he acquired a certificate of Audio Tape Restoration and Digital Audio Archiving from Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Mannet Villariba is a performance artist, painter, sound artist, visual programmer and designer. He has been active in diverse fields, such as art, design, and even research and development. Yielding output of sounds, images, and light through analyzing and transforming the numerical values gained from a various sensors and input devices. A Visual Artist pursuing sensual peculiarity, and interaction. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Painting at the University of Santo Tomas.


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