Monday, January 19, 2009

Tech Times editor on list of influential

Manila: A local magazine listed The Manila Times’ technology editor as among the most influential people in the technology business in the country, the only person from a Filipino daily newspaper to be honored.

Jing Garcia, editor of the Tech Times section, said he was not aware that he was chosen as one of the most influential people in the technology business until a friend told him that he was included in the January-February edition of T3 magazine as among the “movers and shakers” who shape the gadgets that consumers buy.

Garcia was one of the three cited “tech journos,” along with TJ Monotoc of the television network ABS-CBN and Leo Magno of They were among the nine Filipinos on the list by T3, which is published locally by Summit Publishing Co. Inc.

The Tech Times editor, who started working for The Times in 2005, is also the newly elected president of the cyberpress, the country’s only organization of information-technology writers—the IT Journalists Association of the Philippines (ITJAP).

“Before jumping in IT, the three-time Awit Award nominee was instrumental in shaping the Pinoy alternative rock scene during the 1990s,” the magazine said of Garcia, a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas in Manila.

“I got hook on computers when I was inside the recording studio,” he said.

Garcia said people who want to have a better choice of the gadgets that they need “should always read tech writer’s review before buying a certain gadget to have an idea about the thing that they want to buy and not to waste their money.”

Tech Times, which features Garcia’s articles and reviews about the latest gadgets, appears on Mondays in The Times. He also hosts technology segments on the television network TV5.

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