Saturday, March 26, 2011

raymanray by children of cathode ray

A rare original recording from Children of Cathode Ray, and with vocals at that!

Retitled to 'Raymanray' this experimental, quirky pop-ish tune was recorded sometime in the early 90s with Magyar Tuazon laying the lead voice.

Primitive as it may seem, please excuse the quality of the recording since all the tracks were bounced several times on two-track stereo cassette tapes. Except for the digital transfer to the computer, most of the original recordings were retained to maintain its authentic analog reproduction.

Children of Cathode Ray was established in 1989 and regarded as one of the earliest experimental sound art groups in the Philippines. Its original members were:

Tad Ermitano on video, visuals, bass, synthesizers, electronics, efx, computers;
Jing Garcia (a.k.a. autoceremony) on audio, synthesizers, electronics, efx, computers;
Blums Borres on lead guitars, efx, graphics, computers;
Peter Marquez on lighting effects, electronics, photos and visuals;
Regiben Romana on percussions, efx;
Magyar Tuazon on visual effects, bass, electronics

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