Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Domain

Finally, my two domains: and Both URLs will redirect to this blogsite. A blog I've been manipulating since 2006.

Hopefully, on my 10th year of blogging, I'll be able to resurrect myself to post more of the same materials on sound, soundart and music. This time, however,  a bit of tech and other manifestations and enthusiasms I find amusing will be thrown in.

Sound Art. My love for experimental sound and music is still here. This, since I help establish one of the earliest sound art groups in the Philippines way back '89. Read our history; listen to our incantations in my early musings on this page. It wasn't called soundart when we started. Simply experimental music.

autoceremony. An alter ego in the sound art scene. A solo project.

DXing. Never really knew the term until the Internet. It's the art of listening to distant radio broadcasts. My affinity for shortwave and medium wave radio began in '77 with my first AM transistor radio. Later, I discovered SW and lurked on alien stations; giving me a glimpse of the world outside the Martial Law walls. Many radio streams ended up in my autoceremony recordings. Part of my soundart.

...steps on radio: dzme, dwdd, radyosingko. #TechSabado

Music. What are you listening to right now?

Toys. There are some things you just couldn't outgrow. I hoard 1:64 diecast cars and Japanese robots, calling it a collection. Was I deprived as a kid? No.

Books. Most of them I read on my Kindle; some reads I read over and over.

Electronics. The basics. I can tell a positive wire from black. I can identify a resistor, read their values. To melt lead, I handle a soldering iron.  I tinker. Fix things. I try.

Technology. The Internet, computers and gadgets? We are slaves of modern times.

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