Sunday, August 28, 2016

GADGETS | Quickie review: Samsung Gear Fit2

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Our rating

"Good enough."

What is it?

The Gear Fit2 is Samsung's latest model of wearables under the fitness tracker category. Its eye candy design complements the curved super AMOLED display, which at 38.1mm (1.5 inches) is 8.63mm smaller than its predecessor. Nonetheless, the screen is Gorilla Glass 3 so it's as tough as a smartphone using the same display technology. In addition, the screen seems to look wider than before, providing more details and info with its color touchscreen producing 322 pixels per inch at 432 x 216 resolution. Plus, the Gear Fit2 wraps around the wrist more like a smartwatch than a typical fitness tracker wearable.

What's it for?

The main target of wearable fitness trackers are the fitness buffs, no doubt. It's an essential device for workouts. It'll provide the wearer all the stats right away such heart rate monitor, the number of steps (on walking, running), and other vital activity sessions that need tracking, for example: on a stationary workout machine or outdoor cycling. All these in a device that is not only high tech in specs but gorgeous in appearance. And it comes with some striking colors in blue and pink, aside from the plain black.

The good

Small and large sizes band
Music storage capability
Eye candy design
AMOLED display
Will go perfect with Gear IconX

The bad

Lousy strap lock design
Samsung needs to rethink its app
No iPhone support
Battery life

Our verdict

Compared to the first Gear Fit, the Gear Fit2 is well-thought-out in terms of design and function. You don't have to be a gym warrior to appreciate how the Gear Fit2 looks beautiful on the wrist, wrapping itself more like smartwatch than a fitness tracker, as stated above. We just wished that it had a better strap lock, though. That alone took the half-star on our rating.

Quick specs: Samsung Gear Fit2

Display - 1.5” Touch Curved sAMOLED
Screen size - 216mm x 432mm
Memory RAM - 512MB
Storage - 4GB Battery - 200mAh
Typical usage time - 3~4 days
Standby time - Up to 5 days GPS battery time -
Up to 9 hours Sensors - GPS, HR, Accelerometer, Gyro, Barometer
Processor - Dual-core (1GHz Dual)
Connectivity - Android 4.4 Water/Dust Resistant - IP68

SRP: P8,490

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